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Artist from Taipei, Taiwan



Tseng’s works focused on the relationship between humans, animals and nature. Two collections will be presented during SEED 2.0


Tseng created human sculptures in the shape of hills, reflecting the coexistence relationship between

humans and nature.


Life is a circle. Tseng is working on a new series with the ASF topic, in which he wants to reshape “food waste” into natural scenery. Compared with countries facing a crisis in food supply, food-waste is a certain expression of abundance; and the artist paints and reshape these food wastes into the landscape not only reflecting on whether the fundamental needs of human existence have been surplus, but also presents an imbalanced state of resources.


Bio / CV


Born in Nantou, Taiwan, 1987

Graduated from M.F.A. program at Taipei National University of the Arts. Tseng currently lives and works in Taipei, creating mainly paintings of east Asia media, such as ink painting and eastern gouache, and ceramic sculptures. Tseng was the recipient of ACC grant in 2017, and was selected by the Ministry of Culture to the Art Taipei MIT section (2015). Major group exhibitions include Photosynthesis II (BACC, 2019) and Memories Interwoven and Overlapped: Post-Martial Law Era Ink Painting in Taiwan (National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, 2017).

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