Artist, curator and organizer from Japan

1990 born in Kyoto, lives and works in Kyoto and Tokyo, Artist and Organizer

I am the artist who directs space with ready-made articles. I also play the role as the curator. perform a lot of private exhibition and group exhibitions. I was the organizer of "Omotesando convenience store" where I gather 69 artists for one week. During the exhibition we had around 4000 visitors.

With my brand  "SHAKARIKI" I could collaborate with major Japanese brands to support the arts.. My goal

is to present art in the Japanese society and to surprise the people .



Koharu Kawakatsu; koharu-kawakatsu




東京造形大学サスティナブルプロジェクト専攻 在学中よりアートイベント企画、写真、インス タレーション制作で独特の異才を放ち「表参道コ ンビニ」において4000人を動員する企画の代表を務める。また、アーティスト集団「SHAKARIKI」の代表も務め、キュレーターとして様々なクリエイターの活動支援に取り組む。 卒後後、百貨店系デザイン部署でディスプレイを担当し多くを学ぶが、自由な表現の場を求めフリ ーランスでの活動を開始。様々な企画・プロジェクトに携わる傍ら、パロディ〜サロン「顔面占い ニッパシ館」のプロデュース、海の京都宮津市の、人や物やコトに触れてクリエイションをするオルタナティブスペース「万年倉庫」の代 表を務める。近年は香取慎吾氏企画の「NAKAMA de ART」におけるキュレーション、神宮前「TRUNK(HOTEL)」でのサロンイベント「バナナナイト」では多方面から支持を得る。また、気になる人の実現したいことをインタビューする「ナンスカピーポー」の連載も始めており、その活動の場をさらに広げている



Group and solo exhibition (selection)


  • CS festival "near future" exhibition

  • The concentration exhibition of five University of Arts "interchange"

  • Making free paper "MORM" (vol.1.2)


  • Gallery Yu Lee with the position" Joint exhibition "I rank the body" in guarantee Yu Lee Joint exhibition.

  • CS festival "■■■■■" private exhibition

  • Decoration in GAPAO dining room

  • Decoration in Starbucks Kokubunji store

  • Decoration in kichijoji ichibee "The art of noise"


  • Shimokitazawa GARAGE"HITORIDEDEKIRUMOM festival"

  • Gallery vi-dro"Daily life and eight non-everyday boundary lines" exhibition

  • CS festival "commuce" private exhibition


  • Omotesando Hills, gallery KOWA "Omotesando combini two" Yoyogi Park "a collage meeting three-dimensional only with the thing of the 100-yen shop"

  • docomo d creators SHAKARIKI representative plan

  • docomo d creators "SHAKARIKI" representative plan administration display

  • "rial shops" participation in Daikanyama T-SITE garden gallery

  • "same, same, same" King Kyo Seisekisakuragaoka bridge galleries

  • King Kyo Chitosekarasuyama MANO display "only the thing of the 100-yen shop three-dimensional collage meeting After Exhibition."

  • Basel of Switzerland "ARTspaceSWITZERLAND/ONEsize artshow."

  • Roppongi Hills"d creators X TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK prize" receiving a prize exhibition

  • Kichijoji WARP"HEAVY DIG!!!!!!!!" in vol.1 space direction

  • SARAVAH Tokyo in Shibuya "Lyric of Distant"plan administration, display, a live performance, talk show

  • Kichijoji WARP "It is HEAVY DIG!!!!!!!!vol.2" space direction, a live performance.

  • "ARTspaceSWITZERLAND/the Art Edition fair in Seoul."


  • "graduation production" Tokyo University of Art and Design.

  • 『flat liner』Photo exhibition in FOURTH FLOOR

  • New York「CUTLOG art fair」

  • RUSSIA moscow exhibition, GUM gallery

  • Denmark Copenhagen『Art Copenhagen 2014』 

  • ShibuyaPARCOmuseum "SHIBUKARUSAI"

  • RUSSIA moscow Gallery A3


  • the Girl’ s Room showTOKYO Space Space gallery

  • Summer festival display VOU KYOTO




  • 「Sumida Art Book Market」@spiid


  • Tokyo Smokey Mountains exhibition "It's the weekend Nippon" EBISU Gallery ZAVA

  • Shingo Katori and 13 artists exhibition "NAKAMAdeART"

  • Face fortune Nippashi pavilion "I ♡ GANMEN! ~ Thank you ~ Exhibition Sanagi Shinjuku

  • ZINE festival『YARINAGE TEN』@ Harajuku Satellite Tokyo Zokei University

  • Tokyo Smoky Mountains Presents“COVER ART SHOW -Record jacket Editing-” EBISU Gallery ZAVA