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Online room exhibition 


July – October 2020

Wei-Yun CHANG (Taiwan), Thomas C. CHUNG (Australia), Jasmin GLAAB (Switzerland), Roy-Andres HOFER (Switzerland),

Koharu KAWAKATSU (Japan), Susi KRAMER (Switzerland), Izumi SAKAMOTO (Japan), Satoru TAKAHASHI (Japan)

Online room exhibition

E X T E N D E D - 2021! 


Augmented Reality ready!

Try it out!

(ID-> 906)

Augmented Reality allows the unique possibility to bring all artworks right into your home and onto any wall.

If you wonder how the artworks from the exhibition "SEED" look like on your wall at home or at the office or anywhere else just download the marker. What's that?


What is Augmented Reality? 拡張現実(AR)とは?

Augmented reality (AR) is an interactive experience of a real-world environment where the objects that reside in the real world are enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information, sometimes across multiple sensory modalities. AR can be defined as a system that fulfills three basic features: a combination of real and virtual worlds, real-time interaction, and accurate 3D registration of virtual and real objects – put simple; AR is a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user's view of the real world, thus providing a composite view.

拡張現実(AR)は、実世界に存在するオブジェクトが、コンピュータ生成の知覚情報によって、場合によっては複数の感覚モダリティにわたって拡張される、実世界環境のインタラクティブな体験です。 ARは、3つの基本機能を満たすシステムとして定義できます。



On the Customer's Side: お客様側

  1. The customer needs to print out the  KUNSTMATRIX marker in A4 (normal page) and put it on the wall where the artwork should appear (in the next version, this marker will not be necessary). As long as the image is not scaled, it may be printed on another paper-size (e.g. US-letter).


  2. At the Home screen of the app, there is a field at the bottom of the screen. Labeled "Enter exhibition ID or selection ID". There he/she needs to enter the ID (->906) mentioned above to get access to your selection.

    アプリのホーム画面の下部にフィールドがあります展示IDまたは選択IDを入力してください」というラベルが付いています。 選択にアクセスするには、上記のID (->906) を入力する必要があります。

  3. If the ID is correct, the button below changes to "VIEW SELECTION: Selection Name " and by clicking on it the customer can see your selection.


    One remark: 追記
    This feature is not fully dynamic. When you add a new artwork to this selection and publish it again, the customer has to enter the number again to access the updated selection.

    この機能は自動更新ではありません。 新しいアートワークを追加する度に、上記のフローが必要となります。

    -> Help AR / 助けて AR

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