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Artist, curator and organizer from Switzerland



Roy Andres Hofer (*1976 in Basel, CH) lives and works in Rheinfelden AG as an artist, organizer and designer.

He studied the arts of Lithography (1993-1997), Schule für Gestaltung Basel (1993-1995), HGKZ (2002).

Roy is also the organizer of the CAMPBASEL art festival, the "miniature of nature"- series in Japan, the ONEsize show and the „into the deep woods“ pop up shows during the Art Basel week. He is the founder of artspace-

switzerland, a-space gallery, ASF_a leap forward and the circle for artists.

With a-space, he takes part on various international art fairs such as; Art Copenhagen, CUT LOG NYC, SLICK Paris, SetUp Bologna, Art Market Budapest, SWAB Barcelona, Room Art Fair Madrid, Art Edition Seoul among others.


a-space gallery;

Roy Andres Hofer;








ロイは、the CAMPBASEL(スイス)、「Miniature of Nature -自然の縮図-」展(日本)や、アートバーゼル開催期間中に「ONE size アート展」、「into the deepwoods ポップアップショー」などの主催を行う。そして彼は、art space-switzerland、a-space gallery、ASF_aleap forward and circle for artist の創設者でもある。



・Art Copenhagen(デンマーク・コペハーゲン)

・CUT LOG NYC(アメリカ・ニューヨーク)

・SLCK Paris(フランス・パリ)

・Set Up Bologna(イタリア・ボローニャ)

・Art Market Budapest(ハンガリー・ブタペスト)

・SWAB Barcelona(スペイン・バルセロナ)

・Room Art Fair Madrid(スペイン・マドリード)

・Art Edition Seoul(韓国・ソウル)





Art fair participation

  • 2013 ART EDITION, Seoul, South Korea

  • 2014 CUTLOG, New York, USA

  • Art COPENHAGEN, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • 2015 Kölner Liste, Cologne, Germany / Art COPENHAGEN, Copenhagen, Denmark / Art Market Budapest, Budapest, Hungary

  • SWAB Barcelona, Spain / SLICK art fair Paris (Annelies Strba and Roy Andres Hofer)

  • 2016 SetUp Bologna, Italy / Room Art Fair Madrid, Spain / Kölner Liste, Cologne, Germany / LISTE the young art fair, Basel

  • SWAB Barcelona, Spain / Art Market Budapest, Budapest, Hungary

  • 2017 YIA Basel, Switzerland / SetUp Bologna, Italy / Art Market Budapest, Budapest, Hungary / YIA Paris, France / The others Torino, Italy

  • 2018 Hybrid Madrid, Spain / Supermarket Art Fair Stockholm / Harbour Art Fair, Hong Kong, China / Art Market Budapest, Hungary

  • 2019 Hybrid Madrid, Spain / Supermarket Art Fair Stockholm / Art Market Budapest, Hungary

​Group and solo exhibition (selection)

  • 2000 Gallery Artone, Zürich, Switzerland

  • 2001 Museum Franz Gertsch, Burgdorf, Switzerland

  • 2003 Kunsthaus BL, Muttenz, Switzerland

  • 2006 Gallery Arsprototo, Erlangen, Germany

  • 2007 Kunstverein Halle, Halle (Saale), Germany

  • 2008 Gallery Artspace NY, New York, USA

  • 2009 Center for digital arts, Los Angeles, USA

  • Museum of fine Arts Tallahassee, Florida, USA

  • Jungkunst, Winterthur, Switzerland

  • 2010 Gallery Rowan, Philadelphia, USA

  • Gallery TAMM, Tallinn, Estonia

  • 2011 Galerie the invisible dog, New York, USA

  • 2012 Gallery Labirinto Contemporeano, Vilamoura, Portugal

  • CAMPBASEL, Basel, Switzerland

  • KUNSTLOKAL, Rheinfelden, Switzerland

  • 2013 Gallery KOWA, Tokyo, Japan

  • Drop D project, Sintra, Portugal

  • Offene Ateliers, Rheinfelden, Switzerland

  • Factory-Art, London, United Kingdom

  • OneSize art show, Basel, Switzerland

  • Kuckucks Labrador, Basel, Switzerland

  • Gallery Art Cube Trading, M’stein, Switzerland

  • 2014 Minamoto ART+DINEVol.1.2.3, Basel, Switzerland

  • ARTspace at Tapas del Mar, Zürich, Switzerland

  • Photobastei, Zürich, Switzerland

  • Gallery Kategory, Genève, Switzerland

  • Gallery GUM, Moscow, Russia

  • Studio Grigio, Davos, Switzerland

  • 2015 Art Passage, Basel, Switzerland

  • Tasu artspace, Tokyo, Japan

  • Kunstsalon, Zürich, Switzerland

  • ARTmeetsCHARITY, Basel, Switzerland

  • DEVE Gallery Moscow, Russia

  • Kunst im Q37, Rheinfelden, Switzerland

  • 2016 Teiggi „Networked“, Kriens, Switzerland

  • Exhibition series with PAPER gallery Manchester, Luzern (CH), Basel (CH), Manchester (UK)

  • Open studios (Castelo d‘if), Lissabon, Portugal

  • KUNSTLOKAL, Rheinfelden, Switzerland

  • Lokal&International, Rheinfelden, Switzerland

  • 2017 Mr. Cuttle, Shanghai, China

  • CAMPBASELrevisited, Basel, Switzerland

  • Espacio Alexandra, Santander, Spain

  • Ainori Gallery, Lisboa, Portugal

  • 2018 Art Showroom, Rheinfelden, Switzerland

  • Kunstraum Waldhaus, Zürich, Switzerland

  • Up and Coming, Zürich, Switzerland

  • Kunstraum Waldhaus, Zürich, Switzerland

  • Chemical Moon baby, Zürich, Switzerland

  • GuckMalGünther, Tommasini Lenzburg, Switzerland

  • Kunsthallekleinbasel, Basel, Switzerland

  • 2019 Kunst im Q37, Rheinfelden, Switzerland

  • Kunstraum Waldhaus, Zürich, Switzerland

  • ARTnSHELTER, Tokyo, Japan

  • Manger+Boire, Basel, Switzerland

  • ValoLux Oxil, Zofingen, Switzerland

  • ARTshowroom Rheinfelden, Switzerland

  • Kunstkiosk, Baar, Switzerland

  • ARTnSHELTER, Tokyo, Japan

  • 2020 Kunsthallekleinbasel, Basel, Switzerland

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