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Artist from Japan



Satoru Takahashi (*1985 born in Tokyo)

2009 graduated from Nihon University College of Art Department of Photography. He works on a variety of media such as advertisements, magazines, and the web, and also works on photography with the theme of “Japan” as his life work. The subjects, such as “Japanese islands”, “Love hotels” and “Bonsai”, cover a variety of landscapes, architectures, and cultures, and seek to express the inner “meaning” while being graphical.

Participation at several art fairs like „ART MARKET BUDAPEST 2015“, Hungary. Winner of the „Nikkor photo contest 65th section4“ in Japan and winner at „Mitsubishi Paper Mills prize“ of pictorico photo contest 2018-2019 in Japan.


Satoru Takahashi;


写真家 高橋達
フォトグラファー タカハシサトル

1985年 東京都中野区生まれ
2009年 日本大学芸術学部写真学科卒業






2015年 第63回ニッコールフォトコンテスト第4部準特選

2017年 第65回ニッコールフォトコンテスト第4部ニッコール大賞

2019年 ピクトリコフォトコンテスト2018-2019 三菱製紙賞




Exhibition and award (selection)

  • 2013 solo exhibition “Shimasumau~We live in Island~” in Tokyo Japan

  • 2013 group exhibition "one-size Art Show" in Basel Switzerland 

  • 2013 art fair "Art Edition 2013" in Seoul South Korea

  • 2013 collaboration exhibition “Le Tokio Love Hotel” in Basel Switzerland

  • 2013 group exhibition “CROSSING BORDERS” in Basel Switzerland 

  • 2014 solo exhibition “Shimasumau~We live in Island~ vol.2” in Tokyo Japan

  • 2014 collaboration exhibition “Le Tokio Love Hotel” in Zurich Switzerland

  • 2014 group exhibition "Under one Roof" in Moscow Russia

  • 2014 art fair "CUT LOG art fair 2014" in New York U.S.A

  • 2014 group exhibition "ART+DINE Vol.2" at japanese restaurant “MINAMOTO” in Basel Switzerland

  • 2014 art fair "Art Copenhagen 2014" in Copenhagen Denmark

  • 2015 art fair "Koelner Liste 2015"  in Cologne Germany

  • 2015 art fair "ART MARKET BUDAPEST 2015" in Budapest Hungary 

  • 2015 winning 3rd prize of "Nikkor photo contest 63rd section 4" in Japan

  • 2016 group exhibition "Miniature of Nature" in Tokyo Japan

  • 2017 winning 1st prize of "Nikkor photo contest 65th section4" in Japan

  • 2019 winning "Mitsubishi Paper Mills prize" of pictorico photo contest 2018-2019 in Japan

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