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Exhibition View SEED 2.0 at YIYUN Gallery Taipei


The exhibition included works from the 8 artists which form the SEED 2.0 "grand tour". The local artists from Taiwan were shown with new works specially made for the Taipei show.


SEED 2.0 brings cultures and people together. The gallery team at YIYUN gallery made a fantastic welcome for all 8 artists and their works introducing them to collectors, art lovers and new customers to the gallery.

The entire local show was produced by the team around Weiyun Chang.

Organizer and curator Weiyun Chang
Workshop in cooperation with Taipei New City Museum
Workshop in cooperation with Taipei New City Museum


SEED 2.0 and the New Taipei City education bureau outlined a few workshops with children about the topic of the 17SDG's.

Organizer Weiyun Chang with students

Talk panel

SEED 2.0 and YiYun gallery brought together amazing artists from Taiwan for their colab show at YiYun's gallery space in Taipei.

Check out the talk here ->


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