SEED 2.0 brings the diverse and widely discussed topic of sustainability to the stage and connects areas of art, business, politics and innovation with each other, which is a novelty. The 17 goals to be achieved by 2030 will thus have a different platform for discussion and enable a different perception of the diverse efforts in this context. Because contemporary artists from all over the world are in constant dialogue with questions about sustainability, which influence their work in a variety of ways. But it is precisely the artists and their works who, politically motivated, are first able to point out the problems in a different setting. Because of the different types of work, the different topics are placed in a new context and thus enable questions about sustainability to be made perceptible in a different and new way and thus to initiate socially relevant discussions.

SEED 2.0
art for a sustainable future

"Grand tour" 
SEED 2.0

Art Market Budapest - October 2021

TA3 Gallery Warsaw - February 2022

YIYUN Gallery Taipei - May 2022

Koganei Art Spot Tokyo - July 2022

Haus Salmegg Rheinfelden - September 2022

Art Market Budapest Hungary

TA3 gallery Warsaw Poland 

YI YUN Gallery Taipei Taiwan

Koganai Art Space Tokyo 

Japan (soon coming)